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Who are influencers, why and where do you collaborate with them in 2018?

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

Businesses need to build a sense of trust with their customers in order to influence their purchase decisions. In 2018 this need has been amplified since consumer trust in businesses and platforms have been deteriorating in the past few years. (according to Edelman Trust Barometer)

The recent data leaks have just added to this distrust being built towards brands, so how can business gain back credibility? Well the answer is simple, there needs to be a voice of authority that regains credibility, In the marketing world we refer to these voices as influencers.

Influencers can be a client, celebrity or a co-brand. People tend to relate better when there is a person or company of importance endorsing a specific brand. They help customers cut through the noise and value your business for what it is. They will help increase exposure and sales.

Here is breakdown of influencer marketing that can help your business generate trust and value:

Who are your influencers?

Celebrities: This is probably the best-known form of influencer marketing, when people talk about influencer marketing, they usually refer to this format. Celebrity endorsements are expensive and can burn through a marketing budget quickly, but they do have a massive reach that a business might not. Having a celebrity to endorse your brand helps generate a sense of trust and influences customer purchase decisions.

Brands: Co-branding is another form influencer marketing that helps reach a wider audience. When brands decide to share their reach for a campaign or for a specific product/service, it tends to generate a high yield. This form of influencer marketing is usually implemented when a business is trying to target a specific industry that is out of its reach. Businesses must be very careful when co-branding, getting into partnerships with the wrong brand can damage your business credibility.

Clients: The most cost-effective way of generating credibility is by having clients provide referrals or case studies. Clients appreciate it when their business has grown through collaboration and are always ready to refer your business to someone else. This form of influence helps potential customers understand what you are offering and how good the service is. Client/Customer feedback's are the best sources for credibility.

Where do you collaborate with your influencers?

Blogs: Include your influencers in your blogs, have them either collaborate or write on your behalf. Having blogs promoted by your influencer will garner a wider audience for your hub. Always ensure the blog that is being promoted is relatable to the influencers audience and is credible.

Posts: This format is mostly utilized by celebrities, they usually tend to put out a post on your behalf and help your business generate a wider reach. Posts that are directly from celebrities are expected to garner 11 times the yield than a normal post that is hosted by your business, 11x is a huge value add and allows you to tap into a new audience base. In certain cases, the posts are created by the company and then published by the influencer, in such cases always maintain the influencers personality in the posts. Instagram and Twitter are the most popular platforms for posts.

Videos: YouTube is the most popular platform for video content, having your brand sponsor channels or collaborating in videos will help build brand credibility. Video content is now being widely used and is the new norm. having a face represent your business will build the credibility your business is looking to garner.

Referrals: As mentioned earlier referrals work best with clients. Having clients back your service or product helps build credibility. One strategy that can be implemented here is to host the referral on social platforms and tagging the respective clients, this allows your business to tap into their audiences as well.

Events: Sponsoring events or collaborating with brands to host an event is a unique and effective way to generate new audiences for your business, it helps build credibility since your brand can interact with your audiences in person. This format is the most effective in influencer marketing as it provides an immersive experience to potential customers and generates multiple stories over time. This is the only format that allows your business to tap into all the above-mentioned ways of collaborating with influencers.

Now that you understand who your influencers are and how to collaborate with them, whom will you utilize for your influencer campaigns. Let us know in the comments below.

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