• Anish Padmanabhan

Three trends that marketers need to either get on-board with or be wary off in 2018

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

Deciding where to invest your time and money as a marketer is very important and difficult, especially when there are new trends, policies and platforms introduced to the market every year.

Since we are almost at the half way mark of 2018, here are three trends that marketers need to either get on board with or be wary off.

Regulations on Data:

As marketers we would like to market our products and services to audiences that matter and that is made possible through search and social data. The recent privacy leaks have created room for new data protection laws. Online search and social platforms will have to comply to these policies, which will in turn bring about new changes in digital marketing.

As a marketer it is important to be updated on these new policies and keep up with the changes that occur. These changes will impact how you interact and market to your customer.

Decline in Trust:

With privacy becoming one of the major issues of 2018, the consumer trust in institutions, governments and media has reduced considerably. A recent study by Edelman on the Global Consumer Confidence depicts the consumer trust in businesses has reduced by 20 points from 2017. The report further states that India is one among the six nations with extreme trust losses.

What this all means in a marketing sense is that brand building just got a whole lot tougher. As a marketer you should probably look towards influencers. Having influencers represent your brand will help build credibility for the content you are pushing out. Building and sustaining credibility through brand advocacy should be the focus.

Growth of Video / On-Demand Content Platforms:

This is a prominent trend and should be taken advantage of now, according to a recent report, the online video consumption in India, grew almost by five times in 2017. This shows that people are leaning towards more video-based content especially since they can view long and short based content from their mobile devices anytime. The report also states that 96% of the audience preferred long-form video content.

Online video-based content is expected to skyrocket. Hence as a marketer, you should focus your efforts on creating more long and short format content along with live broadcasts that promotes your business. Being on video or VOD platforms will go a long way in getting your product and service in front of your customer.

Another benefit of this format of content is that it will help audiences connect with your business easily and build credibility faster than static content over time.

These three changes are expected to take shape sooner rather than later and the rate of response to these changes will decide if businesses succeed or not.

Let us know in the comments below, about what other factors could play a major role in 2018.