• Anish Padmanabhan

Three Digital Ways Restaurants Can Boost Footfall.

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

If you’re looking to increase the number of footfalls at your restaurants throughout the week, then here are three ways you can boost your business digitally.

Build a website:

Most restaurant owners don’t find the need to have a website, especially when there are discovery and booking platforms that cover the length and breadth of their business, they believe the website has no place when it comes to conversion, well nothing can be further from the truth.

if you are looking to expand and grow your presence, then you require a solid well defined online website. Every promotion, offer, social posts or booking platform should lead back to your website. Encourage people to convert on your website by promoting exclusive offers. The website is the first step to differentiating your restaurant from the hundreds out there.

Create a unique experience by improving design, allow people to book, order-in and avail offers. Take advantage of search engines to increase conversions and provide people with the opportunity to easily locate and contact your business online. The benefit with having a website is that people who visit your platform are more likely to convert since there is no comparison with other restaurants as done with discovery and booking platforms.

Targeting and re-targeting

Utilize social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to promote your restaurant. Be sure to promote the right product to the right person, Example a salad would be usually targeted towards people who are into fitness or healthy eating, Doing the right kind of targeting when it comes down to food, service and offers, guarantees a definite boost in footfall.

Another Important aspect is to re-target individuals who have either visited your physical location or website. Utilize Facebook ads or cookies to re-target customers that have visited your social channels or online page. This can also be extended to the physical world by implementing techniques to acquire customers information. Create an environment that encourages customers to promote your outlet online and allow them to tag your social platforms, then utilize those individual promotional posts as a mean to re-target customers.

Reviews and Recommendations

When in comes to restaurants and food chains, reviews and recommendations play a big role. Always ensure to provide your customers with a sublime experience and request them to rate your restaurant on social media and on discovery/booking platforms. The more positive reviews your outlet receives, the more it will encourage others to visit. Also utilize negative reviews as a gauge, to find out room for improvement.

Secondly request industry experts, bloggers and chefs to visit your outlet and provide valuable inputs. Use these inputs to better your service and customer experience. Recommendations from these influencers on any of their social channels will eventually lead to a boost in footfall.


This industry is a very competitive space, where most players tend to fail, but by implementing the right digital techniques, restaurants can sustain a steady growth and, in the process, maximize profits.

If you are looking to stabilize your outlets performance or are interested in learning more on how digital marketing can boost footfalls, the click here and request a quote.

Let us know in the comments below on how these methods have helped your business and what innovate strategies are you utilizing to boost footfall.