• Anish Padmanabhan

Learn how to maximize on social media

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

The expansion of social media has made it relatively easy to reach audiences, but this expansion has also led to an overflow of content and a reduction in attention spans. This makes it difficult for businesses to stand out.

If you are one among the many businesses that are troubled by this, then start following these steps to maximize on your social efforts:

Segment your business:

Before you start pushing content out on social media, you will need to segment. I am referring to segmentation of your business offering. Segmenting your business offering allows you to know which specific part of your service or product works best with audiences.

At Auspin Digital, one of our core offerings is content marketing. For the purpose of an example, let’s say our content offering can be broken down into two segments, content creation and content analytics. We would then market each segment on social media and notice how customers respond to them. What this does is, it gives us an understanding about what segment is more valuable and how to improve the overall offering. This process also helps build niche audiences that are more responsive on social media.

Generate content with a specific goal:

Once you have segmented your business offerings, the next step you can implement is to create content with specific goals. The content goal can be to generate awareness, to generate leads or just to inform audiences. Content should always have a goal and should be engaging, it allows your business to stand out on social media platform.

Want to learn how to create engaging content?

Concentrate on the audience:

Businesses should focus on understanding customer behavior, it gives you insights on how to engage with them online. Let’s take an example, people spend majority of their time on their mobile devices, it has now become the main source of information and that’s where your business needs to be. To maximize on this, your business should have a mobile friendly platform and push content that is mobile friendly, shorter in format and easier to consume. The more time you spend understanding your customer, the more value you add, thereby increasing engagement.

Targeting and engaging:

When you advertise on social media, be sure to check on your competition. look at what type of audience they are targeting and focus majority of your ads towards them. You don’t want to spend intensively and end up with a non-responsive audience. start targeting your advertisements towards employees of businesses, you want to on-board. Once you have targeted the right audience, be sure to keep them engage continuously till they convert to a lead. Try to maintain a social calendar and create scheduled posts.

Personal Branding, Influencers and video marketing

Start pushing your personal brand, create your own audience and reinforce your business motives. Having a personal brand on social platforms helps humanize your company image, it allows people to relate better with your business. The more you build on your personal brand, the more comfortable your customer will get.

Two other factors you can use to maximize on social media are using more video content and influencers. These two factors are explained in detail here

Try an Implement these steps to maximize on your social efforts.

Still require a more in depth understanding on how to maximize on social media, take a look at our social media marketing and contact us.

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