• Anish Padmanabhan

How To Collaborate With Micro Influencers

Promoting a brand through influencers increases social engagement, but this kind of promotion is usually expensive and do not align with small business budgets. So how can businesses take advantage of influencer marketing without having to spend heavy? Well the answer is micro-influencers.

Micro influencers have a niche audience and are relatively smaller than A-list influencers. A micro influencer will have an audience of 10000 to 500000, but they have higher engagement rates. The cost to collaborate with a micro influencer is cheaper and the ROI is higher, hence they are key for promotional marketing in 2018. Stats show that micro influencers are more effective online.

Here is a breakdown of what your brand needs to look at when collaborating with a micro influencer:

Identifying the right micro influencer:

The biggest challenge that you as a marketer will face when trying to work with micro influencers, is identifying the right ones. When selecting a micro influencer, always ensure that the objective is met and that the audience being addressed fits the buyer persona. If the objective is to increase sales leads, then you would ideally want a micro influencer that posts online contests and offers, since this would lead to a direct interaction between the audience and your product/service.

Engagement Levels:

While scouting for micro influencers, you should review how strong their engagement levels are. Focus on the number of shares and comments to gauge how interactive their audience is, the more engaging the audience, the better the outcome will be for your campaign.

Multiple Micro Influencers:

Always target multiple micro influencers for a specific campaign, this will lead to higher reach and engagement. Collaborating with multiple influencers, allows you to target specific localities where you want the campaign to succeed. This form of collaboration works best when targeting a local audience.


Micro-influencers create their own content based on their niche audience and brand, you should always review content to check if they align with your brand values before collaborating. Ensure that the audience being addressed is a perfect match for the content you want to put out.


The personality of the micro influencer plays a huge role when it comes to customer perception, always align your brand with personalities that share the same values as your brand and are free from controversies. If you align your brand with the wrong personality, audiences will tend to view your brand in a negative sight.


Take time to review micro influencers with whom your competitors have previously collaborated, analyse the engagement levels they received and what your brand can do different to get higher engagement rates. Another key aspect to keep in mind while working with micro influencers, is to check if they have mentioned your brand earlier, this way collaboration process become easier and at a lesser cost.


Businesses still have the ability to leverage influencer marketing to promote their products/service even if they don’t have a high budget. Micro influencers have higher engagement rates and may just seem to the right move when it comes to increasing social engagement at low cost.

Utilize these steps to work with the right micro influencer and let us know how they have supported your collaboration process.

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