• Anish Padmanabhan

How do you create eye-catching designs for social media?

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

In 2018, businesses should invest more time and money in Content Creation and Design Perfection. These factors influence the value add your prospect derives and creates immersive brand stories.

We have already covered the methods of creating engaging and relevant content in a previous article and would now like to focus on the second important factor: Design

Businesses get content creation aspect right, majority of the time, yet they don’t receive the engagement they expect. This is because they fail to understand the dynamics of how people interact online. In today’s world, people receive information from diverse sources and hence your business has only five seconds or less to grab their attention, with such stakes at hand, businesses need to understand that designs play a crucial role.

A good design along with engaging content is a brewing pot for success, especially when it comes down to social media.

Here are few tactics you can implement to create eye catching designs for social media:

Understand your business values and stay true to them:

The most crucial aspect of design is that you must ensure it represents your brand ideals and values. As businesses market to potential prospects online, their first motive is to create engagement with the purposes of generating a sense of shared values between them and the viewer. The more your customer relates to your brand the better the engagement is. So, the louder your designs scream your brand values, the more your prospects will reciprocate (Via Engagement or Conversion).

Observe what your prospects do online

Your target prospect is engaging online with multiple brands, this gives you an opportunity to understand what type of designs work best with them and how to reach a similar audience. Follow the bread crumbs left by your prospects and witness how they engage online. Follow and analyse your competition and then generate a holistic view of designs that work best.

Design according to your content

When you are creating the design for social media posts, ensure that the design output relates to the content piece, customers tend to open content based on design. If a situation arises where the design is misleading, then the prospect will generate a negative view of the brand and engagements will decrease over time. (Avoid designs that click-bait)

Generate a feeling

People tend to stop scrolling through their social platforms when they spot an interesting content title or design. They tend to view full ads or read through full content pieces when the design generates an experience of emotional ups and downs. Therefore, you should ensure your design generates a certain feel that represents the content piece. People look to gain social capital by sharing mutual values and experiences, if your business can tap into that human aspect through immersive designs, then your social media engagements will improve far better then what they are today.

Avoid over branding

When promoting your content on social media ensure you do not over brand your designs, as they suffocate the customer experience. Inserting excessive logos will kill the design and decrease engagement. Be sure to keep the design simple, clear and relatable.

These steps will help boost your designs and maximize on social media

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