• Anish Padmanabhan

Five ways to increase website conversion rates

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

Inbound marketing is a process in which businesses create valuable content for potential customers throughout the buyer’s journey. The end goal here is to motivate potential customers to take a desired action on your platform. Every time this action is completed, it is referred to as a conversion and the percentage of visitors who completed an action out of the total visitors is referred to as a conversion rate.

Businesses can trace the success of any digital campaign back to the conversion rate. It is a key performance indicator that drives growth and almost every single business is looking to perfect it.

So how do we increase conversion rate?

Well the process involves a lot of testing and tweaking, but if done right it can provide you with a potential customer.

Here are five ways to increase your existing conversion rate:

1. Create compelling content that motivates a specific action:

When visitors reach your platform, they are looking to gain a better understanding of your business. They are searching for answers to questions such as why buy from you? What do you sell? How much does it cost? What can I expect? Etc.

Your website should state these answers clearly and should give a clear flow for the visitor to better understand your business. This backed by a strong call to action works well in increasing conversion rate.

We all know design plays a key role in getting visitors to stay on your platform, but content is what converts them. So, focus on creating compelling content as much as creating immersive designs. The end goal is to motivate a desired action.

2. Live chat:

Visitors to your platform will always have queries that need to be resolved immediately and your platform should be able to resolve any query to move visitors through the buyer’s journey.

By having chat-bots or live chat, conversion rates increase by 10-20%. Allow your customers to get in touch with your business at any point in time as they navigate the website.

3. Provide validation and security:

People always search for credibility, especially in today’s digital world where there have been so many privacy issues. Visitors are always looking for reference points from more reputable businesses.

Always highlight certifications, awards and recommendations, it helps in creating a sense of trust between your business and the visitor, which in turn increases the conversion rate.

Also have your website verified as secured. Ensuring that the visitor is safe while going through your platform allows them to be more comfortable while taking a desired action.

4. Utilize video content:

In 2018, video content is the best way to reach your audiences. it is more engaging than static content pieces. Showcasing your products and services via video allows visitors to get a first-hand view as to what they can expect from you.

This format provides assurance and motivates them to take the desired action you want. Video based content has a higher engagement rate and it almost doubles down on your conversion rate.

Ensure that the length of the content is small, since visitors have a short attention span and utilize CDN to boost website delivery.

5. Strong call to actions:

Use strong call to actions that fulfills only one specific goal. Allow the visitor to reach your business as fast as possible when they click on a CTA.

Don’t send the visitor searching for a contact page, instead utilize popups too take in information and provide a contact number for them to reach you.

A smooth flow with a strong call to action will help increase conversion rates.

These five tips will help grow your business conversion rates, but it will require constant tweaking and testing to get perfected results.

Let us know in the comments below, on whether these steps helped increase your conversion rate and if there are new methods you think are helpful.

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