• Anish Padmanabhan

Components That Make Your Marketing Message Stand Out

Every minute there is about 400000 posts on Twitter, 350 hours of new videos uploaded on YouTube, and almost three million posts on Facebook, with so many content pieces being published and re-purposed every minute, businesses find it challenging to increase their contents visibility and engagement. So how do you ensure that your business message stands out and does not get buried in the avalanche of content pieces?

Well if you are currently facing such a situation on a continuous basis, then here are five ways you can boost your marketing message and receive the right kind of attention:

1) Relevancy:

Focus on what your audience is talking about on social media, find topics that are currently being discussed in your industry and create content pieces. Key here is to identify your target market and provide continuous inputs on topics that they want to understand. The more relevant your topic is the more engaging it will be for your target market.

2) Credibility:

Content sources are always considered when taking in information. If the target audience feel that the content source is not credible, then they usually tend to not interact with those content pieces and eventually engagement drops. So always ensure to build credibility while publishing content, state your authority by collaborating with thought leaders and leading businesses to create insightful content that can help your target market take better decisions. More credible your business is, the higher the engagement.

3) Frequency and Quality:

As mentioned during the introduction, there are hundreds of posts put up every minute on social platforms, this implies that your business has to be pushing out content regularly. Learn how frequent you have to post on every social platform and strategically post during hours that you know deliver the best results. Frequency alone does not increase engagement, you also have to focus on quality of content. Quality depends on multiple factors such as relevance, knowledge, credibility and design. Consistently create quality content at the right times and witness your marketing message stand out.

4) Message:

The knowledge you share with your target audience can say a lot about your business, ensure that every content piece is informative, clear and has one key take away. Your heading and sub heading need to be enticing, creating thought-provoking or unexpected titles will help solve that. Use analytics to understand what kind of titles work.

5) Design:

Lastly design, most businesses fail to be creative with their delivery or design of the content piece. Work on creating eye catching designs that makes people stop their scroll to check your content. Designs that are visually powerful tend to receive higher engagement, this is widely noticed on multiple social platforms, where pictures, videos and info-graphics get high engagement. This goes to show that people tend to be visual learners and enjoy content that are visually appealing. Work on creating good designs.


Standing out from all the noise on social media will always be a challenge, but if these five steps are implemented correctly then you might just stand a chance in improving your brand as well as your engagement levels.

Let us know in the comments below, on how these steps have helped you stand out and if there are new techniques that you find interesting.

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